For Tailored Clothing, You have to select only set standards that are provided in the Size Chart.

Ordering Process:

  1. Measure Your Chest: Take your chest measurements.
  2. Choose a Pattern: Select a pattern from our size chart.
  3. Select Fitting: Choose between Slim or Regular fit options.

Following these steps will help you customize your order to your liking.

Cannot Change:

1. The body measurements of the pattern, such as shoulder, chest, and waist size, cannot be adjusted.

Can Be Changed:

1. You can adjust the length of the shirt and sleeves.
2. Adjust the neck size according to your comfort.
3. You can choose your preferred stitching style from the available options.

If you have any questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to assist you!


1. The cost for making a plain shirt is PKR 1800/- (pricing may vary depending on style).
2. Adding double cuffs incurs an additional charge of PKR 300/-.
3. Please remember to pay for the fabric and stitching costs upfront.
4. Nationwide delivery charges are Rs. 300/kg via Leopard Courier/Daewoo Fastex for home delivery.

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